M.H.G. (Mathieu) Plieger

mplieger [at] vanasadvocaten [dot] nl   +31 85 7828200

M.H.G. (Mathieu) Plieger

“Good cooperation between the client and the lawyer is the basis for success”

Mathieu is a lawyer who acts as a litigation lawyer with love for his profession, without running away from a beneficial settlement. For after all, the purpose of it all is that you as a client will benefit from it. Mathieu likes to work at his cases in close consultation with his clients. For, as he says himself: ‘my clients are the ones who know the facts best. It is my task to translate those facts legally in such a way that the rights of my clients are served best.’

Mathieu is known for his great commitment to and passion for the cases of his clients, even if he has to give a negative recommendation (which he dislikes, but which is sometimes in the best interest of his client).



  • Dutch law and notarial law (Utrecht University)