Family law

That which evokes much emotion in one person, is merely an accomplished fact to the other person. As a rule, emotions play an important part in family law that almost always concerns you and your family. On the other hand, often complex legal, financial and tax aspects are also to be dealt with. In such circumstances you do not only need someone who listens to you, but you will also need a lawyer who can act for you quickly, effectively and decisively. For your interests must be attended to in the best possible way.

Our family law section consists of experienced specialists in this field who exchange expertise and who collaborate where necessary. Our specialists are members of the ‘Vereniging van Familierecht Advocaten en Scheidingsmediators’, vFAS, (Dutch Association of Family Law Lawyers and Divorce Mediators), and are therefore subjected to permanent education. In that way they are informed of the most recent developments and case law, and are preeminently capable of assisting you in family law matters.

One of the most important pillars within family law is divorce. If you decide to submit a petition for divorce, many things must be arranged for in most cases. Not only your marriage must be dissolved, but you will also have to make good and clear arrangements with your spouse about your children, house, property, finances, etc.

If an enterprise is also involved, a large number of additional problems will often have to be solved. We have a network of experts that can give you advice about, inter alia, valuations, finances, tax consequences, the continuity of your enterprise, etc., especially for that purpose.

Nowadays there are various ways in which a divorce can be arranged for you. Our firm offers all divorce methods that are customary in the Netherlands. Below you will find a list of our divorce methods.

  • divorce proceedings
  • mediation
  • collaborative divorce

Apart from divorces we can also assist you, inter alia, with regard to the following:

  • adoption
  • alimony
  • division of matrimonial property
  • guardianship
  • prenuptial agreement
  • child protection
  • change of name
  • parental contact arrangements
  • parental authority
  • cohabitation agreement