Artists & Athletes

Nowadays, as an artist or a top athlete, you are faced with many issues. Not only do you need to deliver a perfect artistic/sports performance time and again, you must also look after your commercial and legal interests. Apart from the execution of your performance requiring perfect arrangements, you will regularly be approached by people, both when asked by you or at their own initiative, who wish to engage in business venues with you, or else by media that wish to publish items about you, etc.

Where athletes are concerned, there also are all sorts of sporting regulations that must be kept into account. For all such situations, it would be pleasant to have a steady and trustworthy sparring partner. Our staff consists of lawyers who are familiar with providing guidance to artists and top athletes in the field of law, both in times of prosperity as well as adversity!

Our clients include: actors, bands, cabaret artists, DJs, marathon ice skaters, MCs, motor cross riders, presenters, football players, volleyball players, singers, etc.