All our lawyers conduct a general practice, within which they can attend to your general legal interests. Apart from that general practice, they may call themselves specialists in one or more branches of law, as a result of the expertise they have acquired or the schooling they have received in that field. By combining the general approach with various specialties, we are preeminently capable of attending to all your legal interests in the best possible way.

Administrative law

When you, as a private person or as an entrepreneur, will be confronting a government institution, you will always play an away match. For the government not only has made the rules itself, but it has also much more experience in dealing with them. In such a case it is reassuring to know that you […]

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is not actual ownership as we know this from goods, but rather a collective name for rights to intellectual creations, or else, the products of the human mind. You may think here of the author of a book, the inventor of a company name or brand, the developer of a software programme, the […]

Media & entertainment

Media problems are no longer the exclusive concern of celebrities. Nowadays you or your company  may be the unwanted subject of a negative discussion in the old media (newspapers, radio, gossip magazines, etc.) or , which happens much more often, in the new internet media where almost everyone can create ‘news’ (YouTube, Hyves, weblogs, chain […]

Criminal law

When you are suspected of a punishable offence, you will be confronting the police and judiciary on your own in most cases. Since there is a lot at stake, it is important that you will be assisted by a lawyer who will attend your interests in the best possible way as soon as possible. Our […]

Corporate law

Corporate law provides arrangements for the legal labyrinth in which you must find your way as entrepreneur everyday again. Your organization, too, will have to deal every day with many opportunities and many threats. Our team of specialists will be glad to assist you to remove the threats in the right way and to seize […]


Mediation is a very good way to reach a solution for a problem or a dispute in mutual consultation, under the guide of an independent mediator. The basic principle here is that all parties involved try to reach a solution that is acceptable for everyone by having a number of conversations with each other. The […]

Insolvency law & restructing businesses

Sometimes you are lucky and sometimes you are not. It sounds simple, but it can happen to every entrepreneur: financial problems of the enterprise. The causes are often beyond the control of the entrepreneur who has worked for many years to have his or her company have the position it has reached now. In such […]

Landlord and tenant law

Whether it concerns the rental/leasing of houses or business spaces, the interests of the lessee/tenant and the interests of the lessor/landlord are often conflicting. Characteristic of landlord and tenant law is the protection of the lessee/tenant that is provided for in the law in some fields. The lessee/tenant can almost always invoke such provisions and […]

Event industry laws

Anybody can set up a party once in a while, but organizing a real event is not a mere hobby, but a real trade. Moreover, this is a business where an increasing number of rules is introduced. Event managers are not only required to keep into account the wishes/demands of their commissioning parties and/or participants […]


Every enterprise is confronted with it: the non-paying customer, or doubtful account. In order to deal with your doubtful accounts properly and rigorously, without losing your good customers, it is important that you have a strict, clear but fair accounts receivable policy. We are not only capable of assisting you in setting up such a […]

Law of Succession

An unavoidable part of life is death. At the moment a person passes away, the surviving relatives are faced with many issues to deal with. Part of this is the estate. The settlement of an estate is a complex process with an impenetrable forest of rules and regulations that apply to it.   The process of […]

Personal injury

As a victim of a traffic accident, accident at work, medical blunder or offence, you are confronted through no fault of you own with a loss of enjoyment of life and all kinds of legal and financial problems. In such circumstances it is important to receive proper advice and support. We will deal with your […]

Family law

That which evokes much emotion in one person, is merely an accomplished fact to the other person. As a rule, emotions play an important part in family law that almost always concerns you and your family. On the other hand, often complex legal, financial and tax aspects are also to be dealt with. In such […]

Employment law

The field of employers and employees. They can not do without each other, but unfortunately they sometimes have their differences of opinion. Both for employers and for employees it is important to lay down the arrangements made prior to the employment relationship properly in writing, and to act immediately and adequately during their relationship in […]