Mediation is a very good way to reach a solution for a problem or a dispute in mutual consultation, under the guide of an independent mediator. The basic principle here is that all parties involved try to reach a solution that is acceptable for everyone by having a number of conversations with each other. The mediator provides all the required (legal) information and acts as independent chairperson of the meeting, during which the interests of all parties involved need to be observed. Moreover, the mediator ensures that all conversations and arrangements are properly recorded. 

No matter whether it concerns divorce, conflicts in the workplace, problems between entrepreneurs or business partners, conflicts at the firm, neighbourhood quarrels, etc., nearly all disputes can be solved through mediation. The only conditions are that the parties involved are on speaking terms and are prepared to work with each other, rather than against each other, to reach an acceptable solution for a problem or a dispute. If you are prepared to do so, we have mediators and lawyers on our staff, who will provide you with excellent service here.  

Advantages of mediation:

  • Mutual consultations rather than fighting each other.
  • Resignation because the agreements were concluded in mutual consultation.
  • Arrangements are often honoured, because they were achieved by the parties themselves.
  • Usually the fastest and cheapest method.

Tip! Various legal expenses insurances cover (part of) the costs of mediation. We therefore advise you to always inquire about this at your insurance company or intermediary.