Landlord and tenant law

Whether it concerns the rental/leasing of houses or business spaces, the interests of the lessee/tenant and the interests of the lessor/landlord are often conflicting. Characteristic of landlord and tenant law is the protection of the lessee/tenant that is provided for in the law in some fields. The lessee/tenant can almost always invoke such provisions and the lessor/landlord should take that into account. Our specialists are preeminently capable of giving you advice when entering into a lease/tenancy agreement, when holding a lessee/tenant liable for performance of his/her/its obligations, when pointing out the rights of the lessee/tenant to a lessor/landlord, etc.

Issues for which we offer assistance include:

  • security of tenure
  • lease/tenancy agreements
  • collection
  • evacuation
  • nuisance
  • renovation
  • enjoyment of a property