Law of Succession

An unavoidable part of life is death. At the moment a person passes away, the surviving relatives are faced with many issues to deal with. Part of this is the estate. The settlement of an estate is a complex process with an impenetrable forest of rules and regulations that apply to it.  

The process of settlement of the estate – such as the sale of (immovable) property and businesses – is often the task of the surviving relatives and after the settlement, the inheritance must be divided among the heirs. For the settlement, but also for the division between the heirs, it is recommended to engage the services of an expert from Van As Advocaten, who may assist the heirs during this process, or else to perform these tasks. This will prevent unnecessary problems from arising. In case of a dispute, our lawyers will undertake to achieve the best result.

Topics that may be at issue are:

  •   the administrator, settlement of the estate;
  •   the executor, the executorship;
  •   estate creditors;
  •   the legal right share;
  •   the statutory division;
  •   the optional rights;
  •   the other legal rights;
  •   legacies and quasy-legacies;
  •   gifts;
  •   the rights of surviving partners;
  •   the rights of the children;
  •   testamentary administration;
  •   testamentary obligation;
  •   fideicommissum;
  •   division of the estate;
  •   mediation.