Media & entertainment

Media problems are no longer the exclusive concern of celebrities. Nowadays you or your company  may be the unwanted subject of a negative discussion in the old media (newspapers, radio, gossip magazines, etc.) or , which happens much more often, in the new internet media where almost everyone can create ‘news’ (YouTube, Hyves, weblogs, chain email messages, etc.). Where it used to be true that the fish was packed in yesterday’s paper, nowadays internet messages can haunt you through search machines for all eternity. So in the event of a calamity it is of major importance that you take the right measures immediately. We will be glad to be of service to you in this respect.

As an artist, you have to act at many levels nowadays. You do not only have to deliver a perfect artistic performance time and time again, but you also have to attend to your commercial and legal interests. You do not only have to make all kind of arrangements with regard to your performance, but there are also frequent (unasked for) meetings with people who want to do business with you. In all such circumstances it is convenient to have a regular reliable sparring partner. We have lawyers that are used to provide legal support to artists, through thick and thin!

Issues for which we can offer assistance include:

  • arbitration
  • copyright
  • artist’s agreements
  • digital pestering
  • internet law
  • licenses
  • management contracts
  • music contracts
  • media affairs
  • contracts with record companies
  • radio & television
  • advertising law
  • sponsor contracts
  • broadcasting contracts