F.T. (Fiona) van Bentum

fvanbentum [at] vanasadvocaten [dot] nl   +31 85 7828200

mr. F.T. (Fiona) van Bentum

“Mediation, an earlier result with less costs and quarrelling”

Initially Fiona van Bentum started in the general practice, but fairly soon afterwards she became a specialist in family law. Since she is of the opinion that regular divorce proceedings have many disadvantages, she has focused more and more on new divorce methods in the course of time. After having attended the vFAS specialty training in family law, she attended the training for divorce mediation. Recently she added the training for collaborative divorce lawyer to this. Fiona is of the opinion that spouses should arrive at a proper settlement of the marriage in mutual agreement and not as each other’s adversary. For that purpose she will be glad to act as a mediator or as a collaborative divorce lawyer, and she can rely on an extensive network of advisors (financial, psychological, etc.) that also can provide further support.



  • Dutch law, private law discipline (Utrecht University)
  • vFAS specialty training in family law
  • vFAS specialty training as a lawyer – divorce mediator
  • Interdisciplinary training collaborative divorce